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Master's programme in Nanoscience  H09 

Study Year 1, Academic Year 2009/10 (Mandatory Courses)

Course Code Link to complete information about the course; study periods, programmes etc. Credits Cycle G1: Basic level
G2: Upper basic level
A: Advanced level
S.Ex. stud. The course is suitable for incoming exchange students. Language Language of the course:
E: The course is given in English
E1: The course is given in English upon request
E2: The course may be given in English
S: The course is given in Swedish
Course Name Foot­note Links KS: Course syllabus in Swedish
KE: Course syllabus in English
U: Archive with course evaluations
W: Course Web Page
T: Examination schedule
FFF110 7.5 G2 X E2 Processing and Device Technology KS KE U W
FFF021 7.5 A X E1 Semiconductor Physics KS KE U W
KOO105 7.5 G2 X E2 Materials Analysis at the Nanoscale KS KE U W
FFF042 7.5 A X E2 The Physics of Low-dimensional Structures and Quantum Devices KS KE U W