Course syllabus

Workshop Practice

MMTF15, 7.5 credits, G2 (First Cycle)

Valid for: 2024/25
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering LTH
Decided by: PLED M
Date of Decision: 2024-04-09
Effective: 2024-05-08

General Information

Depth of study relative to the degree requirements: First cycle, in-depth level of the course cannot be classified
Elective for: M4-prr, MD4, MPRR2
Language of instruction: The course will be given in English on demand


To provide the student with knowledge and skills to handle and operate various machines and manufacturing processes and to combine this with theoretical knowledge and work.  After examination, the student should be able to practice their knowledge in other courses at Lund University.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding
For a passing grade the student must

Competences and skills
For a passing grade the student must

Judgement and approach
For a passing grade the student must


The course comprises a number of practical tasks where different types of machines and workshop processes are introduced, followed by individual exercises in order to promote the practical skills of the student. Related to each practical task, theoretical aspects are illustrated and examined, e.g. in the applied materials section. The main part of the course is carried out in the student workshop facility and the machine equipment installed constitutes the focus of the course tasks. Being examined from the course, each student will receive a workshop license which allows for utilizing the workshop in other LTH courses and in the thesis work. The course comprises education in machining of materials (turning, milling, drilling etc), sheet metal processing, welding (MAG, TIG, MMA), NC machining, tool technology and a comprehensive part including materials technology and heat treatment. The heat treatment part comprises material structures in different material groups, the heat treatments to achieve certain properties and sample preparation in order to analyse structures and properties. Theoretical models are used in order to understand achieved results.

Examination details

Grading scale: UG - (U, G) - (Fail, Pass)
Assessment: Practical exercises and tests for every characteristic machine or group of machine, in the form of a real part to be manufactured after machine drawings, alternatively practical exercises related to processes demanding training of personal skills, e.g. welding. Individual written reports, complementary to the practical exercises, where different aspects of process planning and process outcome should be analysed. In groups, written reports on heat treatment and applied materials technology, together with oral presentation.

The examiner, in consultation with Disability Support Services, may deviate from the regular form of examination in order to provide a permanently disabled student with a form of examination equivalent to that of a student without a disability.

Code: 0113. Name: Workshop Practice.
Credits: 7.5. Grading scale: UG - (U, G).


Assumed prior knowledge: MMT012/MMTF20 Production and Manufacturing Methods, FKM015/FKMA01 Materials technology
The number of participants is limited to: 20
Selection: Completed university credits within the programme. Priority is given to students enrolled on programmes that include the course in their curriculum.

Reading list

Contact and other information

Course coordinator: Mats Andersson,
Further information: The number of available positions in the course is limited to 20 persons. A selection process will take part ca one month before the course starts. Confirmation will be sent out via the email address used by each in the application portal. A confirmation from each student is needed in order to be accepted. Compulsory attendance at the first lecture.