Course syllabus

Logistik och verksamhetsstyrning
Fundamentals of Logistics and Operations Management

MTTF25, 7,5 credits, G2 (First Cycle)

Valid for: 2021/22
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering, LTH
Decided by: PLED I
Date of Decision: 2021-04-21

General Information

Main field: Logistics and Supply Chain Management .
Compulsory for: MLOG1
Elective for: MKAT2
Language of instruction: The course will be given in English


The course provides the fundamental knowledge about logistics and operations management, i.e. designing, planning, controlling and improving industrial operations. The course focuses on the company and its supply chain: from suppliers, through the company, and to the customers. The course also provides understanding of the associated information flow, and how logistics and operations management contributes to the profitability of the company.


Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding
For a passing grade the student must



Competences and skills
For a passing grade the student must



Judgement and approach
For a passing grade the student must




The course contains four parts:


Examination details

Grading scale: TH - (U,3,4,5) - (Fail, Three, Four, Five)
Assessment: Written examination and approved assignments. Compulsory attendance may occur in certain parts.

The examiner, in consultation with Disability Support Services, may deviate from the regular form of examination in order to provide a permanently disabled student with a form of examination equivalent to that of a student without a disability.

Code: 0115. Name: Written Examination.
Credits: 6. Grading scale: TH. Assessment: Satisfactory exam.
Code: 0215. Name: Assignments.
Credits: 1,5. Grading scale: UG. Assessment: Satisfactory assignments.


Admission requirements:

The number of participants is limited to: No
The course overlaps following course/s: MTTF01

Reading list

Contact and other information

Course coordinator: Louise Bildsten,
Course homepage:
Further information: Participation is mandatory for the first session. Absence from the first class session may result in an automatic drop from the course.