Course syllabus

Traffic Simulation

VTVN10, 7,5 credits, A (Second Cycle)

Valid for: 2020/21
Decided by: PLED V
Date of Decision: 2020-03-23

General Information

Elective for: V4-tv
Language of instruction: The course will be given in English on demand


The aim of the course is to give in-depth knowledge about traffic simulation, both regarding the underlying theories, as well as their applications in setting up a model adapted for actual needs.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding
For a passing grade the student must

Competences and skills
For a passing grade the student must

Judgement and approach
For a passing grade the student must


The course includes introduction to, and theoretical background of, different types of models (approaches, principles, scopes). The course also deals with frequent applications, essential differences between applied theories and limitations of the different models as well as handling stochasticity and uncertainty in simulation models. Students should practice all parts in a traffic simulation project preparing their assignment with the most commonly applied softwares for simulation and modelling. The project will include data collection and preparation, calibration, validation, analysis of software output, comparison between alternatives and presention of results.

Learning is performed in various teaching assignment forms such as lectures, group assignments and computer assignments. Examination is done by oral and written presentation.

Examination details

Grading scale: TH - (U,3,4,5) - (Fail, Three, Four, Five)
Assessment: Approved assignments and project work. The final grade is awarded on the basis of the grade on the individual assignments and the final project report and an oral presentation.

The examiner, in consultation with Disability Support Services, may deviate from the regular form of examination in order to provide a permanently disabled student with a form of examination equivalent to that of a student without a disability.


Admission requirements:

The number of participants is limited to: No
The course overlaps following course/s: VTTN01

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Contact and other information

Examinator: Andreas Persson,
Teacher: Carl Johnsson,
Course coordinator: Hampus Ekblad,
Course homepage: