Syllabus year 2006


Credits: 5. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: C3. Optional for: RH4. Course coordinator: Director of Studies Karl-Erik rzn,, Inst f reglerteknik. Recommended prerequisites: FMA420 Linear Algebra, FMA025 Calculus in Several Variables. Assessment: Written examination.

Fundamental principles of control. What can be achieved by control, possibilities and limitations. The course mainly covers linear continuous time systems. Special emphasis is given to computer implementations, real-time aspects, and networked control loops.

Dynamic systems: time-invariant ordinary differential equations, transfer functions, Bode and Nyquist diagrams, Analysis: stability and stability analysis, stability margins. Synthesis of control systems: PID, pole placement using state feedback and output feedback, observers. Computer implementation. Real-time aspects. Real-time systems. Networked control loops. Applications. Communication delays.

Course compendium under development.