Syllabus year 2006

Dynamik, fortsättningskurs

Credits: 5. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: M4XTM. Optional for: F2, I3XTV, M3. Course coordinator: Associate Prof. Per Lidström, Mekanik. Prerequisites: Basic course in engineering mechanics, linear algebra and analysis. Assessment: Hand in exercises. Further information: The course might be offered in english. The course will be given autumn 2006. Homepage:

This course will present the fundamentals of rigid body dynamics and analytical mechanics. Applications will give some familiarity with numerical methods and tools for the solution of dynamical problems.

Dynamics: Central forces and satellite orbits. Rigid body dynamics in three dimensions; rotation, angular velocity, inertia tensor. Fixed axis and fixed point rotations. Gyroscopic motion; precession, nutation, gyrocompass. Moving reference frames.

Analytical mechanics: Introduction to the methods of Lagrange and the dynamics of Multi-Body Systems. Examples of numerical analysis and simulations in rigid body dynamics.

Meriam, J. L. & Kraige, L. G.: Engineering Mechanics, (latest edition), SI version, vol 2, Dynamics, Wiley.
Lidström P.: Lecture notes on Dynamics.