Syllabus year 2006


Credits: 4. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: V1. Course coordinator: Åsa Knutson, Trafikteknik. Assessment: Passed written examination and passed exercise reports. Homepage:

The aim of this course is to introduce urban development mechanisms. Criteria for good living - and traffic environment and for qualities are discussed. The perspective is that of the individual. A more objective perspective is applied in the course Infrastructure and Environment. Traffic network analyses and constructions are treated in the advanced course Preconditions and Attributes of Different Traffic Modes.

Learning objectives
The course will give a general outline of the forces behind urbanisation, of town structure and building types, of planning theories and models and basic concepts within these theories. It will also give basic knowledge in traffic network construction and function; the relations between spatial planning, quality and demand of transportation; the different demands and preconditions of different modes of transportation.

Skill objectives
The student trains to express his/her observations and results and to summarise them in a reflecting and critically report.

Attitude objectices
On a basic level understand the relations between the housing and infrastructure.

Process objectives
To train the student’s scientific approach to studied phenomenon.

The course is aiming to give a general orientation regarding housing and transport environments related to separate époques and planning ideals. The environments are valued and compared within a given model. Qualities in a future living area are analysed and existing traffic networks studied, considering traffic standards and conflict risks.
By way of introduction several lectures are given. As a complement the student make observations and written reports with diagrams, maps and sketches. The results are used for the final examination report.

The results will be used in a smaller project where a future living areal will be evluated. The students will return to the same area in future courses and then analyse the project further.

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