Syllabus year 2006


Credits: 3. Grading scale: UV. Compulsory for: ID1. Course coordinator: Professor Torsten Weimarck, PhD, Department of Art History, Konst- och musikvetenskap. Assessment: Written take-home test with final oral examination. The test will be delivered in the end of the lecture course.

The aim of the course is for students to gain surveyable knowledge
of the history of design, especially industrial design and its connections with the visual culture as a whole;
of design as expression of technical and industrial development;
of the history of the role of the designer;
of the thinking, description and interpretation of the processes of design, the design objects themselves and their use during different epochs;
of the different use contexts of design objects;
of the gender aspects of design.

The lectures deal with items described above. The course may possibly be finished by a seminar, where the students can discuss their project works in a relevant design-historical context.

John Heskett, Industrial Design. London: Thames and Hudson 1987 eller senare. 200 s. (Alternativt: Adrian Forty, Objects of Desire. Design and Society 1750–1980, London: Thames & Hudson 1986. 240 s.)
Hedvid Hedqvist, 1900-2002. Svensk form. Internationell design. Stockholm: Bokförlaget DN 2002. (220 s.)