Syllabus year 2006


Credits: 3. Grading scale: UG. Compulsory for: I1. Course coordinator: Director of Studies, Numerisk analys. Recommended prerequisites: Linear algebra and calculus. Assessment: Weekly home exercises (for feedback purposes) and a written examination. The final grade is totally determined by the result on the written examination. Homepage:

The course will give a basic understanding in how to use modern computering tools for solving various problems of engineering importance, and for visualizing and interpreting results. The course will provide sufficient skills in MATLAB programming for the students to perceive scientific computering as a useful and natural tool in subsequent courses and professional career. The course will stimulate independent learning.

Files, editing, MATLABs basic functions: arithmetic expressions and mathematical functions, vectors, matrices, graphics functions. Syntax:
[for], [if-then-else], [while]. Functions and m-files. Systems of linear equations, nonlinear equations, data fitting and the method of least squares, numerical integration. Error estimates and condition numbers.

Pärt-Enander, E. och Sjöberg, A.: Användarhandledning för Matlab 6, Uppsala Universitet. ISBN: 91-506-1473-8
(There is also an English version available).