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Credits: 11. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: V2. Course coordinator: Susanne Heyden,, Byggnadsmekanik. Recommended prerequisites: Mechanics VSM010. Assessment: Partial examination Structural Mechanics (5p) and partial examination Structural Engineering (6p) as described below. For final grade the two examinations have equal weight. Parts: 2. Homepage:

The course Structural Design shall give

The course consists of two parts, Structural Mechanics and Structural Engineering.

The Structural Mechanics part shall give

The Structural Engineering part shall give

Structural Mechanics:

Free-body diagrams and equilibrium. Trusses. Stress, strain and stress-strain relationships. Section forces in beams. Normal stress and shear stress for elastic bending of beams. Plastic bending of beams. Deflection of beams. Statically indeterminate beams. Columns; buckling and second order theory. Torsion of circular cross sections. Transformation of stress and strain, principal stresses, yield criteria. Dynamics; free vibrations and response to harmonic loading for simple structural elements.

Structural Engineering:

Principles of design, safety principles, actions on structures. Elements in the structure. Stabilisation of structures. Structural materials: steel, wood, concrete and masonry. Design for bending moment, axial force, simultaneous moment and axial force, shear, deformations and vibrations. Structural design of details, connections and joints. Fire safety. Building acoustics.

The following engineering skills are also included in the course: The role of a structural designer in history and today. Oral presentation. Technical drawing and CAD.

Introduktion till strukturmekaniken, Byggnadsmekanik, Lunds tekniska högskola, 2004.
Kompendium i Konstruktionsteknik


Code: 0104. Name: Structural Mechanics.
Credits: 5. Grading scale: TH. Assessment: Two hand-in assignments, one laboratory assignment and one written examination. One hand-in assignment (written and oral presentation) and the laboratory assignment are marked. Contents: The Structural Mechanics part and oral presentation (engineering skills).

Code: 0204. Name: Structural Engineering.
Credits: 6. Grading scale: TH. Assessment: One design assignment, which is marked, one hand-in assignment and one written examination. Contents: The Structural Engineering part and technical drawing and CAD (engineering skills).