Syllabus year 2005

Ingenj├Ârsprocessen f├Âr programvaruutveckling

Credits: 4. Grading scale: UG. Compulsory for: C1. Course coordinator: Docent Per Runeson, Inst f telekommunikationssystem. Assessment: Seminars, project and written exam. Parts: 3. Homepage:

Knowledge: The student should know the most important phases in the process of software engineering for development of information and communication systems. Important concepts to know are requirements, design, verification and validation and quality issues. The student should also know a project model and the purpose of project monitoring and control.

Skills: The student should be able to write a requirements specification, make a design and a test plan for a small system. Furthermore, the student should be able to utilize a project model in a small project, which includes writing a project plan, controlling and monitoring a project.

Attitudes: The student should get an insight of development of information and communication systems and know that this contains several different parts, from idea to product release. Furthermore, the student should get an insight of development work, which requires cooperation, specific roles, milestones and scheduling. The student should understand the purpose of project management, and the trade-off between the parameters: functionality (technical solution), cost and quality, which are important for software projects. Furthermore, the student should gain knowledge and understanding of the importance of quality improvement.

The course gives an introduction to the development of information and communication systems with a substantial share of software. Further, a basic project management model is presented and used in the course.

The course is of overview character and does hence not make any attempts to cover different variants of project and development processes, but focuses on one selected example.

Lectures and seminars in the course introduce the different topics, while a project assignment using aspecific scenario gives insights to the process from idea to finished software product, and gices training in using a project management model. Topics covered are:

The Software Engineering Process
Terminology: Requirements, design, implementation, verification
Documents: Requirements specification, design specification, verification plan.
Support: Process model, infrastracture for software engineering, configuration management

Project management:
Terminology: Planning milestondes, roles, measurements, monitoring
Documents: Project plan, status report
Support: Project management model

Ian Sommerville, Software Engineering, 6th edition or 7th edition. Addison-Wesley, 2000, ISBN 0-201-39815-X.


Code: 0104. Name: Exercises.
Credits: 1. Grading scale: UG. Assessment: Active attendance in seminars. Contents: Seminars in teams.

Code: 0204. Name: Project.
Credits: 2. Grading scale: UG. Assessment: Approved project. Contents: Project in teams.

Code: 0304. Name: Software Engineering Process.
Credits: 1. Grading scale: UG. Assessment: Approved written exam. Contents: Written exam.