Syllabus year 2005

Grundkurs i elektronik

Credits: 5. Grading scale: TH. Optional for: I3XTV. Course coordinator: Universitetslektor Lars Olsson, Elektrovetenskap. Assessment: Passed laboratory assignments and written exam. Homepage:

Beginning with college level fundamental network theory the course leads up to knowledge in analogue and digital electronic on a general level. The course gives an understanding of the basis of the electronic industry, the technique itself as well as the demands and possibilities of the technique.

After reviewing the necessary parts of the electric network theory analogue and digital electronics are treated at a block level. Network analysis, signal generators, oscilloscopes and other measuring instruments, operational amplifiers and feedback, digital circuits for combinatorial and sequential logic their possibilities and limitations.

The literature mentioned was used last year. Storey, N: Electronics a Systems Approach, 2nd Ed.. Addison-Wesley. ISBN: 0-201-17796-X.