Syllabus year 2005


Credits: 4. Grading scale: TH. Optional for: E4. Course coordinator: Per Karlsson, Sabine Marksell, Tomas Bergh, Inst f ind elektrotekn o aut. Recommended prerequisites: ESS020 Analogue Cicuits and ESS060 Electrical Engineering. Assessment: Completed simulations and laboratory project, presented both in written and oral reports, equals ECTS grade E or D. For a higher grade, a written examination is also required. Further information: The course might be given in English. Homepage:

The aim of the course is to give an orientation in the properties and use of modern components presently used for the realisation of power electronic converters, like rectifiers, switch mode power supplies, invertors for motor control and converters for high voltage DC (HVDC) transmission. The project work aims to provide working experience of the simulation, measurement and evaluation of power electronic circuits.


Compendium: Power Electronics, Industriell elektroteknik och automation IEA/LTH, 2003.