Syllabus year 2004


Credits: 5. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: M4XPS. Optional for: M4. Course coordinator: Professor Sten Wandel,, Teknisk logistik. Recommended prerequisites: Knowledge from the basic compulsory courses. Assessment: To qualify for a final grade, students must have passed a written quiz and completed a compulsory project and compulsory cases. The quiz takes place half-way through the course. The final grade given is a combination of the weighted grades obtained on the project (0,5) and on the quiz (0,5). Homepage:

Concepts, principles and methods used to design, plan, organise, co-ordinate, develop, guide and control the flow of materials and products from the raw material source through the different production stages and to the final user and finally recycling.

Examples of concepts and methods covered are: procurement, distribution, interorganisational relations, process orientation and supply chains, efficiency and effective improvement, JIT, BPR, TBM, TQM, methods for change, balanced score cards, supply chain measurements, horizontal/vertical integration and strategic alliances, outsourcing, third party logistics, electronic commerce and logistics, customer service, logistic cost assessment, global perspectives, and "green logistics".

Philip B. Schary & Tage Skjøtt-Larsen, Managing the Global Supply Chain, Copenhagen Business School Press, Handelshøjskolens Forlag (latest edition).
Additional course package including articles and case studies, Teknisk logistik, LTH