Syllabus year 2004

Företagsadministration och företagsplanering

Credits: 6. Grading scale: TH. Optional for: K4, V4. Course coordinator: Universitetslektor Ola Alexandersson,, Produktionsekonomi. Prerequisites: Managerial economics, basic course or equivalent. Assessment: To qualify for the written examination, students must have submitted the compulsory exercises. The final grade represents a combination of the grades obtained in the written examination and the case study assignment. Homepage:

The purpose of the course is
1. to give basic knowledge in management organization, based on the Basic Managerial Course,
2. to make in depth studies above all in the area of management control and capital budgeting.

Companies’ goals and environments. Planning systems. Methods for strategic planning and market planning. Organizational planning. Business administration and company democracy. Budgeting. Investment planning. Practical cases in organizational development, investment planning and budgeting. Use of computers and spreadsheet programs in economic analysis. The solution of problems.

Bruzelius, L.H. & Skärvad, P.H.: Integrerad organisationslära, Studentlitteratur, 2000 Nilsson, S.Å. & Persson, I.: Investeringsbedömning, Liber, 2001. Persson, I.: Introduktion till marknadsföring, Inst. f. Ind. org., 1997. (At the beginning of the course all literature can be replaced by equivalent books.) Compendium.