Syllabus year 2004

Elektriska maskiner

Credits: 3. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: M3. Course coordinator: Universitetsadjunkt Bengt Simonsson,, Inst f ind elektrotekn o aut. Recommended prerequisites: 3 out of 4 course units in Mathematics, Basic Course (FMA012) for students who were admitted after July 1, 1997Electric Circuit Theory and Electronics (MIE011) or equivalent. Assessment: Written examination. To qualify for a final grade, students must have completed the laboratory work. Further information: For deeper studies, the course Electric Drive Systems (EIE010 ) is recommended as an alternative course. For continued studies, the course Electric Drive Control (EIE041 ) is recommended. Homepage:

Considering most mechanical constructions are dependent on electric drive and/or control, the aim of this course is to give the mechanical engineering student essential knowledge of electric drive systems. The aim of the course is to make the student a competent user of electric drive systems. The student is shown characteristics, limitations, and possibilities for various combinations of electric machines and power electronics for control. The laboratory exercises are designed to be of help to understand basics and to give knowledge of practical handling and measurement on an electric drive system.

Properties and modelling of electrical machines, transformers and magnetic circuits. The three-phase system. Power measurement. Power electronics. Control methods. Efficiency aspects.

Elkrafthandboken: Elmaskiner, Liber förlag (art nr 47-00066-X) alt. Mogensen H. Elmaskiner, Liber, alt. Olsson G. och M. Alakula: Elmaskinsystem, IEA, LTH, 2001.