Syllabus year 2004

Organisk kemi, fortsättningskurs

Credits: 10. Grading scale: TH. Optional for: K4XBi. Course coordinator: Professor Olov Sterner,, Bioorganisk kemi. Assessment: An exam (oral or written depending on the number of students) that covers the theoretical part of the course will be given. The final grade will depend on the result of the exam as well as the skills, independence and judgement that the student shows during the laboratory work and the connected seminars. Homepage:

The goal of the course is to give deeper knowledge about the theory and practice of modern organic chemistry.

The mechanisms of organic reactions, modern synthetic techniques and reagents will be discussed thoroughly. The planning and carrying out of a multi-step synthesis based on published work, with optimisation of the choice of reagent and the reaction conditions, is an important part of the course. The students are expected to find the knowledge necessary in the organic chemical literature, and on the basis of this be able to reproduce chosen parts of the synthesis. The practical work is concluded in a seminar, where the students present their results.

Carey, F.A. & Sundberg, R.J.: Advanced Organic Chemistry, 3rd ed., Plenum Press, New York - London, 1990. Compendium: Organisk kemi, fortsättningskurs.