Syllabus year 2004

Helhetsbild av datatekniken

Credits: 6. Grading scale: UG. Compulsory for: D1. Course coordinator: Studierektor,, Inst f datavetenskap. Assessment: To qualify for a passing grade the students must have completed the compulsory laboratory exercises of the Computer Introduction part of the course. They must also have passed the written presentation of the Presentation part of the course and participated in the lectures and passed the written presentations of the Society part. Parts: 2. Homepage:

To give the students a perspective on the effects of new technology, especially computer technology, on people and on society. To give an overview of the field of computing and computers and to give them training in the use of computers and computer systems. Also to give the students training in written and oral presentations.

The course consists of three parts:

1. Computer Introduction: Practical use of computers. Computer history. The parts of a computer and how computers work. Different operation systems. Low-level programming. Word processing with LaTeX. Internet and the WWW. Introduction to Matlab.

2. Presentation: Basic information searching; written and oral presentation such as technical documentation; report writing; electronic publishing; use of modern libraries and databases. The practical training in technical report writing will be given in the course Programming, First Course and in the Society part of this course.

3. Society: law (laws, computer law, Internet laws, ...); ethics (professional ethics, the responsibilities of the professional engineer towards society, toward customers and employers, toward colleagues, ...); environment (external environment, working environment, ...).

Course material distributed by the department.


Code: 0104. Name: Computer Introduction.
Credits: 2. Grading scale: UG. Assessment: For a passing grade the laboratory work must be completed. Contents: Six laboratory work sessions covering the areas described above for the Computer Introduction part of the course.

Code: 0204. Name: Presentation and Society.
Credits: 4. Grading scale: UG. Assessment: One individual oral presentation. One written presentation carried out in groups of two students. Two reviewings of presentations written by other groups. Six compulsory lectures. Contents: Described under paragraphs 2 and 3 of the course description.