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Advanced Computer Security

EITN50, 7,5 credits, A (Second Cycle)

Valid for: 2015/16
Decided by: Education Board A
Date of Decision: 2015-04-10

General Information

Elective for: C4-da, C4-sec, D4-ks, D4-se, E4
Language of instruction: The course will be given in English


The goal of this course is to give the students an in-depth insight into the main problems and solutions within security for computers, embedded devices and networks. As such it deepens acquired knowledge on computer security from earlier courses and gives an analytic understanding behind today’s security solutions. This will allow the student to select by him/herself among existing solutions and/or to present solutions with good quality.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding
For a passing grade the student must

Competences and skills
For a passing grade the student must

Judgement and approach
For a passing grade the student must

apply the acquired knowledge in a series of five projects that require the student to gather additional knowledge and insight to finalize the project. Quality of motivation in solutions in depth and reflection on alternatives will be judged. Factual knowledge is trained through self-passed studies and assignments within the course time frame.


Introduction: In-depth knowledge in computer, embedded devices, and network security is needed when designing secure information systems and (computer) applications. Modern systems will operate more autonomously and their security will depend increasingly on the availability of trusted execution environments. Special care is needed in the software development process for these systems. Since attacks on systems will occur it is also important to understand how intrusion can be analyzed and should be dealt with in a professional way. The course contents is focusing on the following two main areas; Platform Security and Secure Software.

The course will also contain certain deep dive in Network security and overviews on connected areas such as Computer Forensics and  DRM protection.

Computer Forensics (overview 1)

Network Security (selected deep dives):

Platform security (main area I):

DRM (overview 2):

Secure SW (main area II):

Projects (tentative content)


Examination details

Grading scale: TH
Assessment: To pass this course all projects must be approved and all theme tests (5) must be passed. Final grade 3, 4, or 5 is based on the cumulative score of the individual theme tests. Candidates eligible for grade 5 may be called to an oral verification test. A passing grade can also be obtained after successful oral exam, but then highest grade 3 or 4 is achievable. Students should always sign-up for an oral exam.


Required prior knowledge: EIT060 Computer Security or EDI051 Cryptology.
The number of participants is limited to: No
The course overlaps following course/s: EIT015

Reading list

Contact and other information

Course coordinator: Professor Ben Smeets,
Course homepage:
Further information: With less than 16 participants, the course may be given with reduced teaching and more self studies.