Course syllabus

Avancerad skissteknik
Advanced Sketching

IDEA56, 3 credits, G1 (First Cycle)

Valid for: 2013/14
Decided by: Education Board E
Date of Decision: 2013-04-17

General Information

Main field: Industrial Design.
Compulsory for: KID2
Language of instruction: The course will be given in Swedish


To be introduced to basic theory on perception of 3D space in 2D representation(perspective drawing).

To be introduced to 2D freehand sketching techniques and materials used in the design profession for the development and illustration of concepts and designs.

 Practice different sketch/ renderings techniques.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding
For a passing grade the student must

Be able to accurately construct basic geometrics forms in perspective.
Understand how to construct cast shadows of basic geometric forms.
Understand how to use foreshortening techniques and be able to draw a symmetrical form in perspective.
Understand how to render matt planar surface, matt cylinders, cones and spheres.
Demonstrate some ability in how to effectively render different materials and textures. 

Competences and skills
For a passing grade the student must

Demonstrate ability to apply perspective freehand drawing techniques using the relevant materials.
Demonstrate some ability to sketch in a dynamic way.


Judgement and approach
For a passing grade the student must

Exhibit a sensitivity to artistic and aesthetical values during formal teaching, discussions and the like, including assessments of the qualities of images.


The course consists of a series of lectures and workshops with exercises, demonstrations and group critics to evaluate progress.
Following topics will be covered:
- 1 point perspective
- 2 point perspective
- Ellipses
- Foreshortening
- Freehand drawing techniques
- Establishing a perspective view
- Section drawing
- Drawing symmetrical forms
- Tools and Materials
- Communicating shape through rendering
- Casting shadows
- Reflected light
- Lighting strategies
- Material indication
- Composition

Examination details

Grading scale: TH
Assessment: 80 % attendance required. The assessment is based on the documentation of the individual assignments.


The number of participants is limited to: No
The course overlaps following course/s: IDEA55

Reading list

Contact and other information

Course coordinator: Charlotte Sjödell,
Course homepage:
Further information: The course consists of lectures, individual and group critics to evaluate progress and home assignments.