Syllabus academic year 2011/2012
(Created 2011-09-01.)
Credits: 4,5. Grading scale: UG. Cycle: G2 (First Cycle). Main field: Industrial Design. Language of instruction: The course will be given in English. Optional for: KID2, MID1. Course coordinator: Andreas Hopf,, Industrial Design. Prerequisites: IDEA10 3D Modellering och rendering. The course might be cancelled if the number of applicants is less than 5. The number of participants is limited to 18 Assessment: The grades awarded are either “pass” or “fail”, depending on attendance, participation and completion of home assignments. Further information: The course contains lectures and individual computer supervision. Home page:

To learn more about the applications and practise the use of essential 3D design software.

Knowledge and understanding
For a passing grade the student must

be able to model and render their own projects. They shall be more confident in the use of 3D Design and rendering software so as to integrate it fully in their daily design workflow.

The course commences with a brief revision in the use and application of 3D software. The operation of the modular user interface of 3D Design and rendering software is explained and practised in more depth (menus, icons, hotkeys, functions, etc.). Various types of complex curves and surfaces of higher degree are practised, based on the remodelling of a product in 3D. The concept of “continuity” will be elaborated. Issues like surface accuracy and model quality are revised as well as modelling strategy (“where to start”) and data transfer. Renderings shall be produced based on the finished model and higher quality rendering shall be achieved including revision of topics such as choice of resolution, scene setup, camera setup, lighting setup, colours, materials and the mapping of graphics and textures.

Relevant websites, online user-forums and printed manuals.