Syllabus academic year 2010/2011
(Created 2010-07-25.)
Credits: 6. Grading scale: TH. Cycle: G1 (First Cycle). Main field: Technology. Language of instruction: The course will be given in Swedish. VBM012 overlaps following cours/es: VBM011 and VBM611. Compulsory for: V1. Course coordinator: Peter Johansson,, Building Materials. Recommended prerequisits: FAFA45 Thermodynamics with Applications. Assessment: Written examination. Further information: The course Building Materials is a part of an informal course called Building Technology. Other courses in this context are Fundamentals of Energy and Environmental Physics and Building Physics/Installation Technology. Home page:

The aim of the course is to give basic knowledge about the structure and properties of most buildning materials.

Knowledge and understanding
For a passing grade the student must

Skills and abilities
For a passing grade the student must

Interrelations between the structure and the properties of building materials. Test methods and their interpretation. Production of materials. Structure of materials on submicro-, micro- and macro-levels. Density and porosity. Heat and moisture transfer and their effects. Strength and deformation. Durability. Effect of high temperatures. Concrete. Ceramics. Metals. Polymers. Wood and wood-based materials. Other building materials.

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