Syllabus academic year 2009/2010
(Created 2009-08-11.)

Higher education credits: 4,5. Grading scale: TH. Level: G1 (First level). Language of instruction: The course will be given in Swedish. MAM026 overlap following cours/es: MAMF15, MAMF15 och MAMF15. Optional for: C4, C4da, D4, E4, I4ai, M4, V4. Course coordinator: Lecturer Mikael Blomé, Examinator: Professor Per Odenrick,, Ergonomi och aerosolteknologi. Assessment: For a passing grade the student must actively participate in the obligatory portions as well as receive a passing grade on a project as well as on a written test. Home page:

The aim of the course is for students to:

Knowledge and understanding
For a passing grade the student must

Skills and abilities
For a passing grade the student must

Judgement and approach
For a passing grade the student must

Basic knowledge in work organisational theory and practice, historic review and trends within work organisation, management, participation, changes and improvements, organisational psychology, work organisation and productivity, stress and workload in working life, examples from industry.

Rendahl, J-E. et al.: Att förändra och leda morgondagens arbete (To change and lead the work of tomorrow).
Additional material will be handed out during the course.
All literature is available on the course website .