Syllabus academic year 2008/2009
(Created 2008-07-17.)

Higher education credits: 7,5. Grading scale: TH. Level: A (Second level). Language of instruction: The course might be given in English. MTTN10 overlap following cours/es: MTT225. Optional for: I4lp, M4, M4lp. Course coordinator: Assistant professor Daniel Hellström, Förpackningslogistik. Assessment: Examination will be done individually or in group form. During the course, the simulation project will be presented in an oral presentation and in a technical report. Home page:

This course gives the student an understanding of how they can analyse complex systems, especially packaging systems, with simulation models. The aim of the course is to give the student the knowledge of identifying simulation problems and how to develop, run experiment, do statistical analyses and validate simulation models.

Knowledge and understanding
For a passing grade the student must

Skills and abilities
For a passing grade the student must

Judgement and approach
For a passing grade the student must

Modelling of packaging systems creates basic knowledge about the studied system, about discrete event simulation as a method and how modelling and simulation can be used to analyse packaging lines. In addition modelling and simulation as a method is covered. Commercial software are used as tools in the course activities and assignments. Computer aided lectures, individual assignments, guest lectures and company visits are used in the learning process.

Banks, J: Getting started with Auto Mod. Autosimulation 2004.
Books, dissertations and scientific papers in and about packaging logistics and simulation.