Syllabus spring term 2007

Terrester ekologi

Credits: 7. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: W1. Course coordinator: Docent Håkan Wallander, Inst för biologisk grundutbildning. Recommended prerequisites: VVR111. Assessment: Written examination, completed lab and field work.

To achieve knowledge and understanding of ecology from an evolutionary point of view. To understand dynamics and structure of terrestrial ecosystems, and the influence of natural and anthropogenic disturbances on the ecosystems. The students will use oral and written presentations, to learn how to evaluate information concerning a sustainable use of natural resources.

The course contains the theoretical base of population and ecosystem ecology. Theories of biodiversity and stability of ecosystems will be connected to trophic interactions in ecosystems. Decomposition and nutrient cycling in natural and disturbed ecosystems will be viewed from the terrestrial ecosystems. Knowledge of organisms from micro organisms to plant communities, and their interactions will be taught also will practicals. Examples will be given on current environmental issues in terrestrial ecosystems, on local and global scale.

Essentials of Ecology, av Townsend, Begon and Harper, Blackwell