Syllabus spring term 2007

Digital reglering

Credits: 5. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: Pi4XSi. Optional for: C3, D3, E3, F3, I3XTV, N4. Course coordinator: Professor Anders Rantzer,, Inst f reglerteknik. Recommended prerequisites: FMA410, FMA420, FMA430 Mathematics, Basic Courses, FMA036 Linear Analysis, FMA037 Caomplex Analysis or FMA280 Analytic Functions or FMA062 Applied Mathematics, FRT010 Automatic Control, Basic Course and FMS012/FMS022/FMS121Mathematical Statistics, Basic Course. Assessment: Written examination. Further information: The course might be given in English. Homepage:

The students should learn to formulate and solve advanced control design problems. The students should develop insight into how control performance is affected by process properties, controller structure, disturbances, time delays, and sampling interval.

The control design process. Major design example: Tracking and focus control in a DVD player. Linear state-space and input/output models in both discrete and continuous time. Z-transforms. Stability, system gain and robustness. Sampling of systems and signals. Overview of control structures and synthesis methods. Fundamental performance limitations. Digital controller implementation. Stochastic disturbance models. Optimization-based design. Linear quadratic optimization with and without disturbances. Kalman filters.

Åström K J, Wittenmark B: Computer Controlled Systems, 3rd edition, Prentice Hall, 1997, ISBN 0-13-314899-8.
Compendium in Computer-Controlled Systems (lectures and exercises). Sold by the department.
Handout text material.