Syllabus spring term 2007

Teknisk miljövetenskap

Credits: 5. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: M3XEN. Optional for: A2, B2, BI3, C3, D3, E3, F2, I3, K2, M4, MD2, N2, Pi2, RH3. Course coordinator: Per Svenningsson, Miljö- och energisystem. Prerequisites: 60 ECTS credits at the Lund Institute of Technology. Assessment: Written examination and presentation of the project at a seminar. The final grade is a combination of the grades obtained in the project and on the written examination. Homepage:

FMI100 provides the student with fundamental knowledge of the use of natural resources in contemporary industrial society and on the nature and scope of anthropogenic environmental impact. It provides holistic perspectives on the societal implications of the conditions set by nature in the context of sustainability. It also discusses the role and responsibility of the engineer in the development of a sustainable society.

The course consists of lectures and seminars about natural resources, energy use, land use, pollution, transports, global environmental issues, industry and environmental issues, clean technology, environmental management, technical change, environmental rules and regulations, environmental ethics, sustainable development. A written project within the subjects above is also compulsory.

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The literature list is changed for each course. Books, scientific articles, case studies, etc.