Syllabus spring term 2007

Mekanik, grundkurs

Credits: 5. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: I1. Course coordinator: Prof. Solveig Melin, Mekanik. Recommended prerequisites: Linear algebra, One-dimensional analysis. Assessment: Computer exersises, written assignments and written examination. Further information: Project: Mechanical simulation with ADAMS. Homepage:

The objectives of this introductory course in engineering mechanics are to

Statics: Forces, moments, couples and general force systems. Equivalent force systems. Equilibrium and free-body diagrams. Applications on equilibrium of material bodies. Distributed forces. (Centers of mass and centroids, beams). Friction.

Dynamics: Kinematics and kinetics of particles (general) and rigid bodies (plane). Energy, work, linear and angular impulse and momentun. Impact. Vbrations.

Nyberg C. : Mekanik, Grundkurs, Liber, 2003. Nyberg C. : Mekanik, Problemsamling, Liber, 2003.
Additional material for the computer exercises: Computer Exercises in Mechanics for Industrial Engineers; A. Ahadi, J. Cedergren, O. Kristensson, P. Lidström, K. Nilsson and N.J. Sörensen. Division of Mechanics, Lund University, latest edition.