Syllabus autumn term 2003


Credits: 4. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: V3. Course coordinator: Univ lektor Kenneth Sandin, Byggnadsfysik. Assessment: Written examination and compulsory course items. Homepage:

The aim is to

- give basic knowledge about heat and moisture transfer through building components and in buildings

- give a survey of the design of a building

- give basic knowledge about the choice of building components and putting these components together to a healthy and energy- efficient building.

Heat and moisture transfer in building components. Heat transfer, radiation and convection. Coefficients of thermal transmittance. Thermal insulation. Air tightness. Moisture processes. Condensation. Drying. Moisture damage. Survey of structural and building components.

Byggnadstekniska begrepp. Byggnadsteknikens grunder. Värme & Fukt. Excerpt from manuals Collection of examples