Syllabus autumn term 2003

Katalys, AK

Credits: 2. Grading scale: TH. Optional for: K4XPd, K4XPk. Course coordinator: Arne Andersson,, Kemisk teknologi. Recommended prerequisites: Chemical Reaction Engineering, Basic Course (KTE022). Assessment: Written examination. Further information: The exam can include only one of the courses KTE054 and KTE055.

The course gives an introduction into the functions and the applications of heterogeneous catalysts as well as different instrumental techniques for catalyst characterisation.

An introduction to heterogeneous catalysis. Adsorption on solid surfaces, adsorption isotherms, and relationships between kinetic expressions and reaction mechanisms. A survey of different types of catalysts and their characteristics. Methods for the characterisation of catalysts, surfaces and reaction mechanisms.

Campbell, I.M.: Catalysis at Surfaces, Chapman & Hall, London, 1988.