Syllabus autumn term 2003

Styrning av elektriska drivsystem

Credits: 5. Grading scale: TH. Optional for: E4, M4. Course coordinator: Professor Mats Alak├╝la, Inst f ind elektrotekn o aut. Recommended prerequisites: ETI240 Electrical Engineering or EIE010 Electric Drive Systems, FRT010 Automatic Control, Basic Course or equivalent. Assessment: Completed home assignments and laboratory work can give maximum grade 4. For higher grade an additional written exam is required. Further information: The course can be given in English. Homepage:

The course provides knowledge of the control of electro-mechanical converters, such as rotating electrical machines, linear electric machines, loudspeakers etc by the use of power electronics energy converters.

Based on dynamic models of electrical machines and modulation methods for power electronic converters, control systems for position, speed, torque, flux, and current are developed. Practical aspects are emphasized in numerous laboratory sessions and simulation exercises. 5 home assignments containing calculus and simulation work covers the course curricula. The exercise hours are used for supervision of the home assignments.

Alakula, M: Power Electronic Control, IEA, LTH 2002.