Syllabus academic year 2002/2003


Credits: 5. Grading scale: UG. Optional for: BI4, RH4. Course coordinator: Professor Lars Fredholm,, Brandteknik och riskhantering. Assessment: Satisfactory completion of an analytical paper based on the lectures and seminars and the literature studied following each stage of the course. Further information: Teaching takes place in the form of lectures, seminars, literature surveys and analysis of past events. Minimum number of participants: 15. Homepage:

The course is intended for those who have, or expect to have, leading positions in a) the management of accidents and/or b) planning for preparedness in the case of accidents. The actual goals are:

- to provide insight into the effects of crises and accidents on socio-technical systems,

- to provide insight into the problems encountered in managing socio-technical systems that have been affected by accidents,

- to provide insight into strategies employed in managing various types of accidents in socio-technical systems,

- to provide insight into how a state of preparedness can be developed for the management of accidents in socio-technical systems.

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