Syllabus academic year 2002/2003

Elkretsteori och elektronik

Credits: 3. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: M1. Course coordinator: Assistent professor Henriette Weibull,, Inst f ind elektrotekn o aut. Recommended prerequisites: Mathematics, Basic Course (FMA012, 0297). Assessment: Written examination. To qualify for a final grade, students must have completed the laboratory work. Homepage:

As most mechanical designs are dependent on electric control and drive, basic knowledge of electric circuits is essential for the mechanical engineering student. The goal of the course is to teach the student to compute currents, voltages and power in DC and AC circuits, also for non-sinusoidal and transient signals. Moreover, the student will learn to design basic electronic circuits, mainly with operational amplifiers. Laborations are an important help to learn basic practical measurement and design. The course will give the necessary base for the courses Electric Machines (MIE030) and Measurement Systems for Control (MIE041).

DC and AC circuits, the phasor concept, linear circuit theorems. Periodic waveforms. The Laplace transform method, circuit transients. Diodes, rectifiers. Transistors as switches. Operational amplifiers, comparators. Basic op-amp circuits. The dB concept, Bode-diagrams, frequency dependence amplifiers.

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