Syllabus academic year 2002/2003

Digital signalbehandling

Credits: 4. Grading scale: TH. Optional for: D3, F3. Course coordinator: Bengt Mandersson, Elektrovetenskap. Recommended prerequisites: ETI190 Electronics and FMA017 Complex and Linear Analysis. Assessment: To qualify for a final grade, students must have passed the written examination and the laboratory work. The written examination takes the form of problem solving. Homepage:

We daily use equipment where signals are stored and processed in digital form. From the simple digital signal processing which takes place in a CD player to advanced signal compression in e.g. MP3 coding of music, speech coding in GSM, digital video for DVD, image processing, etc. Knowledge of digital signal processing and of the frequency content and properties of signals is becoming increasingly important.

Solution of difference equations. The Z-transform.
Poles and zeros. The Fourier transform for a discrete time signal. Frequency, amplitude and phase response. Discrete Fourier Transforms (DFT). FIR filters. IIR filters. Sampling. Reconstruction. MATLAB introduction.

Mitra, S K: Digital Signal Processing, A Computer Approach, second edition, McGraw-Hill, 2001. ISBN 0-07-118175-X.
Supplementary material from the department.