Syllabus academic year 2002/2003

Industrirelaterad programmering

Credits: 3. Grading scale: UG. Optional for: D4, E4, F4. Course coordinator: Universitetslektor Per Holm, Per, Inst f datavetenskap. Prerequisites: EDA025/EDA026/EDA027 Algorithms and Data Structures or EDA030 Object-Oriented Programming. Assessment: To qualify for the written examination, students must have completed the first of two compulsory assignments. Homepage:

To present the object-oriented programming language C++ and to give the students experience in using it.

C++: History. Introduction to C and C++. Types, variables, expressions, statements, and functions. Classes, inheritance, multiple inheritance. Virtual functions. Memory handling. Overloading of operators. Templates. Eror handling. Input and output streams. Source code organisation. Comparison between C++ and other object-oriented languages. The standard library STL.

Stroustrup B.: The C++ Programming Language. Addison-Wesley, 1997.
Other books may also be used, e.g. Lippman S.B.: C++Primer. Addison-Wesley, 1998.