Syllabus academic year 2001/2002

Datorer i automation

Credits: 6. Grading scale: TH. Compulsory for: I3XIS. Optional for: D4, E4, F4, M4. Course coordinator: Forskarassistent Gunnar Lindstedt, Inst f ind elektrotekn o aut. Recommended prerequisites: Automatic Control, Basic Course (FRT010). Computer Programming 1 (EDA010). Measurements systems for Control (MIE041). Assessment: To qualify for the written examination, students must have completed the laboratory work and the project. Further information: The course can be given in English. Homepage:

The course aims at describing the special computer systems used for measurement and control in various industrial applications. The course will show how the demands from the process and the environment are reflected in the dimensioning of the systems for measurement and control in real time. The student will achieve knowledge of using sensors, of adapting signals from the environment to the computer, and of solving the problems which arise when connecting two different systems. The aim of the course is to make the student a qualified user of real time systems and prepare him/her for the work with specification, choice, and evaluation of real time computer systems rather than the direct design of such systems.

Computers in real-time environments. Real-time computer architecture. Physical process system descriptions, input and output. Bus systems. Operating systems and real-time programming. Sequential control. Digital feedback control. Computer communication. Man-machine communication. System integration. Real-time computer projects.

Olsson, G, Piani, G: Computer Systems for Automation and Control. (2nd edition), IEA, Lund University, Sweden, 1998.