Syllabus academic year 2001/2002

Rehabiliteringsteknik AK

Credits: 4. Grading scale: TH. Optional for: D4, E4, F4, M4. Course coordinator: Håkan Eftring, PhD, Centrum f rehabiliteringsteknik (Certec). Assessment: Class assignments as well as a written take-home test. The test will be made available at the beginning of the course. Written and oral project presentation. Active and constructive participation in Internet-based discussion groups is considered in grading. Homepage:

The aim of the course is for students to:

The course deals with the possibilities that technology offers people with the following disabilities:

The course is primarily Internet based. Some of the lectures are delivered in the classroom, but can also be read at a distance. The course can be made accessible for students with disabilities.

The amount of scheduled classroom instruction is small and consists primarily of participation in discussions with the lecturers, some of whom are disabled. Students are required to turn in group and individual assignments every week, which structures course participation. Discussions and lab exercises are carried out over the Internet.

Internet lectures with certain compulsory links and additional texts.