Syllabus academic year 2001/2002

Tekniken i samhället, med presentationsteknik

Credits: 4. Grading scale: UG. Compulsory for: D1. Course coordinator: Jan Bohman, Inst f datavetenskap. Assessment: To qualify for a passing grade, the students must have participated in the seminars and passed the group projects and the written and oral presentations. Homepage:

To give the students a perspective on the effects of new technology, especially computer technology, on people and on society. Also, to give the students training in written and oral presentations.

The course consists of two integrated parts: Presentation and Society.

Presentation deals with basic information searching, written and oral presentation such as technical documentation, report writing, electronic publishing, use of modern libraries and databases.

Society deals with law (laws, computer law, Internet laws,...); ethics (professional ethics, the responsibilities of the professional engineer: towards society, towards customers and employers, towards colleagues,...); environment (external environment, working environment,...).

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